Acupuncture Treatments


Your First Session

Private 30 minute intake followed by 55 minute treatment

In this session, we’ll talk about your story: why you’re here, your health history, a full overview of symptoms and events that brought you to here and now. We’ll also identify and set your goals for working together. Then you’ll experience a full acupuncture treatment, including any necessary modalities falling under the East Asian Medicine scope of practice. Afterward, we’ll discuss your options and plans for moving forward.

Acupuncture Treatments


Follow-up Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Private 25 or 55 minute treatment

Private acupuncture and herbal medicine assessment and treatment after you've had an initial consultation. Includes any necessary treatment modalities; herbal formulas cost extra. If you prefer an herbal assessment and treatment only, contact us and we can accommodate.

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Mei Zen Abdominal


Mei Zen: infertility or weight loss

3 month program

These programs were developed by Dr. Martha Lucas and are taught to licensed acupuncturists all over the country. This is an effective, comprehensive, and customized natural method for empowering both conception and weight loss. Though these seem like entirely separate issues, both rely on the smooth inner workings of the center of our beings; we must be able to digest both our food and our experiences to properly integrate and create a strong foundation for both ourselves and those to whom we want to pass on life.

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Me Zen Facial


Mei Zen: facial or neck rejuvination

10 week program

Cosmetic acupuncture is growing in popularity because it's a natural, effective, and healing way to lift and rejuvenate your skin for a more youthful look. Comprehensive and customized to you, these programs were developed from integrating classical knowledge thousands of years old and modern research methods.

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