Mei Zen
for Weight Loss and Infertility

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. –Lao Tzu


What is Mei Zen?

Mei Zen means “Beautiful Person,” and it is an East Asian medical treatment system developed by Dr. Martha Lucas; a licensed practitioner of East Asian medicine with a strong background in Western scientific research. Her work has received high notoriety both in the field and with the general public.

This is a three month program meant to support your body in regulating itself hormonally and metabolically for conception, weight loss, and a number of related concerns.

What’s entailed in this program?

This is a three month program consisting of two treatments a week for six weeks and then one treatment a week for six weeks. Early on, we'll establish customized nutrition and lifestyle changes specific to your goals and constitution, which we'll constantly reassess and refine with each treatment. Additionally, all program participants receive 15% off all products - even if we have to special order it for you.

Because of the time and financial commitment, I ask everyone interested to come in for a regular acupuncture treatment first so that we can talk about your goals and see if you are a good fit for the program, and so you can experience acupuncture and have time to truly consider before committing to an intensive program.

Tell me the basics
  • This program lasts three months: you’ll come in for treatments twice a week for six weeks, then once a week for six weeks
  • It costs $2,050 (which comes to about $115 per treatment, payable weekly, monthly, or all up front)
  • All participants receive 15% off herbal formulas, mushroom extracts, and other products to encourage better health, faster

Why would I choose this program over regular acupuncture treatments?

The Mei Zen program is designed for people who are committing themselves to a change in lifestyle for weight loss or to conceive a child. This isn’t designed to be a quick solution (although some people do find fast results); this is designed to be a permanent solution.

This is an active program for people who are already changing their lifestyles but are finding they need some extra help, or who are about to start a major lifestyle change and are looking for support and guidance. If you are unsure about your level of commitment (for any reason: time, will, money, etc.), then it’s best to start with regular health treatments and we’ll assess together what the best treatment course is for your particular situation. The Mei Zen protocol is not the only acupuncture treatment that will work for weight loss and infertility, but it has produced the best and most consistent results.

What changes can I expect throughout the program? How fast?

Everyone is different and has different goals, but most weight loss participants find that cravings start diminishing after the first treatment. Many also report that they have better energy and a better outlook in general, giving them motivation for exercise and other changes. You should also know that it's common for people to plateau at some point in the program; with so many consistent changes, the body has to reset what it’s used to, so it may shut down fat-burning processes for a bit before restarting.

Whether for weight loss or infertility, you can expect an increase in energy, stabilizing moods, better digestion, less painful menstrual cycles if you are a menstruating woman, and a whole host of other things. Everything in the body is connected to everything else, and since this program focuses on regulating basic functions, you would be amazed how many other seemingly unrelated symptoms start disappearing.

Also, don't be surprised if you find yourself finally shedding old behavioral and emotional patterns. Big external shifts often require big internal shifts, and this medicine is excellent at gently nudging that process along.


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