Zen Room

Heaven and earth were born at the same time I was, and the ten thousand things are one with me. –Zhuangzi


The Zen Room is currently open for frequency machine use only


If you're struggling with Lyme disease or any other chronic infection, including the after effects of COVID-19, this machine may be able to help! Email or call to find out more.

Filled with amethyst and tourmaline crystals, this mat emits negative ions to help your stress meters reset (think about what happens to the air after a thunderstorm rolls through); it emits infrared rays to increase circulation and relieve aches and pains; and it also has several layers of various materials that intercept EMF radiation.

This mat is so powerful for harmonizing your body, I recommend it as an adjunct therapy for all of my patients and as a treatment itself in the event that I'm out of town or we're otherwise unable to fit in an acupuncture treatment.

The room is equipped with an Amazon Echo, so you have full control over music choice and volume without needing to get up. Just say, "Alexa..." and she'll respond to your request.

We also have an essential oil diffuser with an array of oils that you can choose from, or bring your own favorite blends from home to use.

In plenty of time for the darkening autumn and winter months, we'll add light therapy to our Zen Room to help combat S.A.D. for those of you affected by it.


It's very simple. Take your shoes off, adjust the mat temperature to your desired heat, and add oils to the diffuser, if desired.

Lie down. Breathe deeply. Use the blanket if you want.

Rest until rejuvenated. Sessions are in half-hour blocks, but you can book back-to-back sessions to build as much time as you need.


Each session base price is $25. If you want to book back-to-back, each session after the first is only $20. Sessions bought immediately following an acupuncture treatment or as part of a package are also $20.

Want a free session? If you refer someone to our practice and they come in for an acupuncture treatment, you both get a free Zen Room session as a thank you. Also, all of our acupuncture programs include at least one free Zen Room session as part of your recovery and wellness maintenance plan.