COVID-19 Update

Our private practice is open and accepting new clients in the afternoons only. Our Community Clinic, however, is sadly permanently closed, as the clinic location is no longer available. If you are struggling financially and need treatments, please contact us to take advantage of the Community Fund. Pay what you can, and trust that the rest is taken care of.
You can check back here, on facebook, or sign up for emails to receive updates. Per Gov. Wolf, face masks are required. Thank you for your care and cooperation. Current as of October 15, 2020.

We’re here to listen.

You’ve got a story that brought you here today. Whatever you’re looking for - maybe pain relief, a soothed mind, to make drastic lifestyle changes, or maybe you just want a good night’s sleep - we’re the plot twist in a fresh new chapter. Come experience the power of this ancient medicine to put the pen back in your hands.

Our Goals

Bridges’ mission is to build roads between mainstream healthcare mindsets and ancient healthcare wisdom.

Laura’s mission is to bridge the gap between the You that Is, and the You that you Could Be.

Together, we're here to forge new paths toward a world of balance and equality, connected by our humanity rather than divided by our beliefs.

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A short introduction to Bridges.